10 Inch Wheels vs 7 Inch Wheels Hoverboards – Which One Should You Buy?

“10 Inch Wheels vs 7 Inch Wheels Hoverboards”的图片搜索结果So you’ve finally decided to gift yourself (or some other lucky person) a glider hoverboard? These nifty looking devices are all over social media and they’re the hippest things you could gift someone these days. They’re a lot like Segways except for the fact that they don’t have handlebars.

The rider stands on top of the self balancing scooter and guides it where to move; its battery powered wheels do the rest. These glider hoverboards (they don’t really hover since they move on wheels) have become the hottest fashion statements these days, and people are increasingly using them for personal transportation. However, since hoverboards are not cheap you’ll have to make sure that the one you buy is really the one you need.

In case you’re looking for eBay hoverboard 10 inch wheels, you’ll find that they come in a confusing array of options even though the basic concept is the same.

What this means is that you’ll have to first understand how you intend to use your new device so that you can choose one that suits your requirements the best. Since gliders with 10 inch wheels tend to be a bit costlier than smaller options, you should also compare them against 7 inch wheel versions to see which option will best suit you.

The 10-inch Hoverboard – Perfect For Outdoors!

This 10 inch wheels hoverboard is a fairly large and sturdy one that comes with inflatable rubber tires. Not only can it carry a heavier person (upto 250 lbs on average), but it can also easily move over reasonably rough surfaces. You can use a 10 inch wheels hoverboad out on a bike path or the park, and if you have a high end model, out on a hiking trail as well. It’s more of an adventure ride than a leisure ride!

It has a larger motor as well, which means that it can generate higher speed, 9 mph on average although the weight of the rider will have an effect on how fast it can actually go. While this is definitely a comfortable ride for outdoor use, it tends to have poor battery life when compared to smaller models.

Also, at 20 pounds or so, you might find the glider a bit on the heavier side to carry with you when you have to walk. Because of their size these gliders aren’t easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Overall, it doesn’t make sense to buy them if you’re going to use them indoors exclusively.

The eBay hoverboard 10 inch wheels section has a very impressive selection of these devices and you’ll have to check out each one to see whether it fits your needs and these needs does include your budget too!

The 7-inch Hoverboard – Specifically Designed For Indoor Use

It is considerably smaller than the 10-inch option, which also means that it is lighter and its battery can last longer. This hoverboard can easily navigate tight corners and confined spaces such as in a home or office environment. It has hard wheels and no inflatable rubber types.

It’s not like it can’t be driven outdoors, but the ride will not be comfortable since you will feel all the bumps it goes over. If you want the hoverboard so that you can perform spins and other tricks on it, or even dance moves, then the 7 inch model is perfect for you.

You can even use it to move around your office, stashing it under your desk when you’re done (it doesn’t take up a lot of space). This glider tends to have smaller weight capacity as well, not more than 220 lbs on an average. They tend to have better battery life and can be used for 4 to 5 hours when fully charged, although they are not designed to move very fast. They’re also quite easy to carry around at 12 to 15 pounds on an average.

10 Inch vs 7 Inch Depends Upon Usage

It’s clear to see that the 10 inch and 7 inch gliders are entirely different from one another and can’t really be interchanged with each other. The eBay 10 inch hoverboard selection is the best you can find online and you’ll easily be able to find the device that suits your specific needs. It’s quite evident that one suits the outdoors more than the other. So depending on where you think you’ll use it the most, you can buy a hoverboard accordingly.

So, go ahead and pick the best one; you’ll have a great time gliding around on it!

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